Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long is each session?

A. Each session will be a minimum of 1 hour long. If you are scheduling your evaluation on your first session, your overall session will be roughly an hour 1/2 long. 

Q. Do I have to undergo the assessment analysis?

A. Yes. The assessment analysis is mandatory prior to your first time training with FPA. The reason we evaluate all of our new clients/athletes is to understand the readiness of each athlete through movement analysis to prevent any imbalances that an athlete may incur. This mandatory analysis will be assessed yearly from your start date with Forward Performance Athletes. 

Q. How early can I start my child on sports performance and fitness training?

A. We gladly accept ages 6+. All training programs will be customized according to each client's age, position, limitations, and goals.  We do not use weights when training adolescents under the age of 13 due to growth development. Any fitness training will be substituted with body weight programs. 

Q. How does private sports performance training help me as an athlete?

A. Private sports performance training helps athletes to develop technical and tactical skills for their respected sports by enhancing proprioception to movement and helps reduce risk of injury.

Q. Where do you train? 

A. As of now Forward Performance trains at Harrell Stadium, Joe Brown Park, and Hannan Park. Fitness Sessions are held at  Prestige Fitness in Arabi. Travel is available upon request. 

Q. Do you recommend in-season training? 

A.  Absolutley! A lot of athletes tend to slow down on additional training due to the demand of high intensity training during the season. However, we do recommend continuing one of one training for your specific position to continue the skills and fundamental training that was developed during the off season. During this time training intensity will be reduced to allow body conservation for strength training and conditioning during in season, and will pick back up during the off season. 

Q. What is your cancellation policy? 

A. All sessions are deposit only and booked accordingly. If there is a cancellation followed by a rescheduled session, that deposit will carry over to your new session instead of paying another deposit. 


Q. What is your late policy? 

A. We enforce a strict late policy! A courtesy late notice of no more than 15 minutes must be relayed to Coach Banks should an athlete be running behind. If an athlete arrives more than 15 minutes late the session will be cancelled and deposit will be forfeited.